Emese Kovacs

Address: 545F CPBPhoto of Emese Chmielewski
Phone: (319) 467-1031
Email: emese-chmielewski@uiowa.edu

Mentor: Marie Gaine, PhD
Co-Mentor: Ted Abel, PhD

Undergraduate Institution: Capital University

Graduate Program: Pharmacology

Year Entered Into Program: 2019

Research Description

Epigenetic changes implicated in neurodevelopmental disorders, such as autism spectrum disorder (ASD), and psychiatric disorders, such as bipolar disorder. She is currently working with the new Hawk-IDDRC to collect blood samples from children with ASD, developmental disorders, and controls, to investigate the differences in DNA methylation, especially in the oxytocin receptor.


  • Second-place Award for Best Poster Presentation, Computational Psychiatry Symposium, University of Iowa, 2022
  • Graduate College Post-Comprehensive Research Fellowship, University of Iowa, Spring 2022


  1. Strathearn, L, Momany, A, Kovács, EHC, Guiler, W, and Ladd-Acosta, C. The Intersection of Genome, Epigenome and Social Experience in Autism: Exploring Modifiable Pathways for Intervention. [Manuscript Submitted for publication]. Center for Disabilities and Development, University of Iowa.

  2. Chmielewski, E. “Le Commandant Chaka by Baba Moustapha.” [Excerpt] . The Forum 35.1 (2017): 20-22. Print.


  • De Carvalho Lima, CN, Chmielewski, EH, et al. Association between the Epigenetic Lifespan Predictor Grimage and History of Suicide Attempt in Bipolar Disorder. (Conference poster presentation abstract). ISBD Experience, Virtual Conference, June 10-12, 2022.