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Shi (House) Fang

Email: shi-fang@uiowa.edu

Mentor: Curt Sigmund, PhD (Medical College of Wisconsin)

Undergraduate Institution: Sun Yat-sen University

Graduate Program: Pharmacology

Year Entered Into Program: 2016

Research Description

Role of PPARγ and PPARγ target pathways in immune cells in the regulation of vascular function and blood pressure


  • Council of Hypertension Trainee Advocacy Award, 08/2020
  • American Heart Association Predoctoral Fellowship, 01/2020-12/2021
  • Medical College of Wisconsin Cardiovascular Center Abstract poster cntest, 2nd place, 10/2019


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  2. Wu J., Agbor L.N., Fang S., Mukohda M., Nair A.R., Nakagawa P., Sharma A., Morgan D.A., Grobe J.L., Rahmouni K., Weiss, R.M., McCormick J.A., Sigmund, C.D.:  Failure to vasodilate in response to salt loading blunts renal blood flow and causes salt-sensitive hypertension. Cardiovascular Research, 2020 May 19;cvaa147. doi:10.1093/cvr/cvaa147. Online ahead of print.  PMID: 32428209
  3. Fang S., and Sigmund C.D.:  PPARγ and RhoBTB1 in hypertension. Current Opinion in Nephrology and Hypertension, 29(2):161-170, 2020. PMID: 31789920; PMCID: PMD7087486
  4. Mukohda M, Fang S, Wu J, Agbor LN, Nair AR, Ibeawuchi SC, Hu C, Liu X, Lu KT, Guo DF, Davis DR, Keen HL, Quelle FW, Sigmund CD.:  RhoBTB1 protects against hypertension and arterial stiffness by restraining phosphodiesterase 5 activity. J Clin Invest 130:2318-2332, 2019.  PMCID: PMC6546477