Connor Broyles, DPhil

Address: 2310 PBDB
Phone: (319) 467- 4941

Mentor: Seth Tomchik, PhD

PhD Institution: University of Oxford, Oxford, U.K.

Research Description


  • Pump Priming Grant – University of Oxford & Novo Nordisk

  • Allocated Research Project Grant – University of Oxford / Final Honour School


  1. Stahl A, Noyes NC, Boto T, Botero V, Broyles CN, Jing M, Zeng J, King LB, Li Y, Davis RL, Tomchik SM. (2022) Associative learning drives longitudinally-graded presynaptic plasticity of neurotransmitter release along axonal compartments. eLife 11:e76712

  2. Sparrow AJ, Sievert K, Patel S, Chang YF, Broyles CN, Brook FA, Watkins H, Geeves MA, Redwood CS, Robinson P, Daniels MJ. (2019) Measurement of Myofilament-Localized Calcium Dynamics in Adult Cardiomyocytes and the Effect of Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy Mutations. Circulation Research; 124:1228-1239.

  3. Robinson P, Sparrow AJ, Broyles CN, Sievert K, Chang YF, Brook FA, Zhang X, Watkins H, Abassi YA, Geeves MA, Redwood CS, Daniels MJ. (2018) Measurement of myofilament calcium in living cardiomyocytes using a targeted genetically encoded indicator. bioRxiv:

  4. Broyles CN, Robinson P, Daniels MJ. (2018) Fluorescent, Bioluminescent, and Optogenetic Approaches to Study Excitable Physiology in the Single Cardiomyocyte. Cells; 7(6):51.

  5. Chang YF, Broyles CN, Brook FA, Davies MJ, Turtle CW, Nagai T, Daniels MJ. (2017) Non-invasive phenotyping and drug testing in single cardiomyocytes or beta-cells by calcium imaging and optogenetics. PLoS ONE; 12(4):e0174181.