Department Shared Resources

Odyssey and Fuji Film

Shared departmental equipment and facilities include scintillation and gamma counters, high-speed and ultracentrifuges, a phosphor-imager, a fluorescence imager, scanning densitometer, spectrophotometers,gas and liquid high-performance chromatographs, epi-illumnation flourescence microscopes, cell and tissue culture facilities, radiolabeling facilities, and a wide variety of physiological recording instruments (providing, for example, extracellular and intracellular recording/patch clamp capability, miniaturized pulsed-Doppler flow probes, and closed-circuit television microscopy). 

Inventory of Shared Equipment

Inventory List

Ultracentrifuge Core equipmentCentrifugation Equipment

Coulter Z2 Counter equipmentShakers/Incubators for Bacterial Culture, Scintillation Counter, Coulter Cell Counter

Microplate Readers/LuminometersBioTek Cytation 5 equipment

Imaging and Film Developing SystemsAzure Sapphire Imager equipment

Thermal Cyclers and SpectrophotometersBio Rad Thermo Cycler

Microscopy and Accessory EquipmentLeica Inverted Epifluorescence equipment

Animal Behavioral Testing and Stereotactic EquipmentLeica Stereotactic System equipment

Autoclaves, Dishwashers, Water Purification Systems, etc.Miele Diswasher equipment

Main Office EquipmentFlat Panel Projection