Julio Sanchez

Mentor: Catherine A. Musselman, PhD

Year Entered Into Program: 2014

Terminal Degree(s) Received and year: PhD 2020



Research Description

The synthesis of compounds aimed at Boron Neutron Capture Therapy for cancer (BNCT) during undergraduate education. Nuclear Magnetic Resonance was used for characterization purposes.

The SWI/SNF complex contains at its ATPase subunit (BRG1) a bromodomain that is thought to aid in the targeting of SWI/SNF to chromatin. Despite the known ability of bromodomains (BD) to bind acetylated lysines, the measured affinities for acetylated histone tails in vitro are weak. We recently discovered a DNA binding ability of this BD, a property that was uncharacterized until now. We are currently exploring the binding of the BRG1 BD along with an adjacent AT-hook (ATBD construct) for DNA in the context of linear DNA and nucleosomal DNA. We aim at understanding the mechanisms by which the ATBD contribute in the targeting of SWI/SNF for chromatin.


  • Fellowship appointment on the Pharmacological Sciences Training Program (NIH T32 GM067795), University of Iowa, 2015-2017


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