Nolan Mente

Mentor: David F. Wiemer, PhD

Year Entered Into Program: 2004

PhD Institution: University of Iowa, 2008

Research Description

The focus of my research is the synthesis of the schweinfurthins and related natural products (e.g. vedelianin) that have potential as anticancer agents. Both enantiomers of 3-deoxy-5-methoxyvedelianin have been synthesized and determined to have significant cytotoxicity in the NCI’s 60 cell line assay (0.41 µM and 0.13 µM, respectively). Interestingly, the activity profile of the R,R,R-enantiomer does not match that of the S,S,S-enantiomer, leaving open the possibility that the two enantiomers work at different targets and/or by a different mechanism of action. Work continues on the development of analogs designed to increase the potency and illuminate what is believed to be a novel mechanism of cytotoxicity. 


  • University o f Iowa Presidential Scholar