Trevor Butler

Address: 2-300 BSB
Phone: (319) 353-5803

Mentor: Jon Resch, PhD

Undergraduate Institution: Judson University

Graduate Program: Neuroscience

Year Entered Into Program: 2021

Research Description

My research aims to utilize single-cell transcriptomics, optogenetic/chemogenetic techniques, and recombinase driver mice to characterize unique neuronal subpopulations within the hypothalamus and brainstem involved in the homeostatic regulation of appetite, thirst, and other autonomic functions.


  • Fellowship Appointment on the Pharmacological Sciences Training Program (NIH T32 GM144636)), University of Iowa, 2022-present


  • Butler, T.C., Zhang, J., Zhang, H., Ryu, S., & Greene, A.S.  Magnetic Patterning of  Vorticella convallaria in a Microfluidic Device. J Eukaryot Microbiol. 67(6):687-690, 2020.  PMID: 32702141