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Dr. Lucas Carr to present at the annual Society of Behavioral Medicine Conference

Dr. Lucas Carr, Assistant Professor in the Department of Health and Human Physiology in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and a member the Obesity Research and Education Initiative at the University of Iowa, will present at the annual Society of Behavioral Medicine Conference “Advancing the National Prevention Strategy Through Behavioral Medicine Innovation” in San Antonio, TX on April 22-25, 2015. 

Dr. Carr will present his research on the efficacy of an integrated health promotion/health protection intervention for the promoting the health of sedentary employees working at ACT, funded by a pilot grant from the UI Healthier Workforce Center for Excellence, for an oral paper presentation entitled "Efficacy of Active Sitting Desks for Reducing Occupational Sedentary Time and Improving Health." He will also be presenting on a second study exploring the differential impact of standing desks vs sitting desks on occupational sitting time in a talk entitled “A Comparison of Sit-Stand Desks Versus Traditional Sitting Desks on Long-term Sedentary Behavior and Health Outcomes."

Friday, April 3, 2015