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Ryan Boudreau, PhD
Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine - Cardiovascular Medicine

Research Interests: Post-transcriptional gene regulation and novel genes in diabetes and obesity
Mark Chapleau, PhD
Professor of Internal Medicine - Cardiovascular Medicine & Molecular Physiology and Biophysics

Research Interests: Neural mechanisms in obesity hypertension
Huxing Cui, PhD Huxing Cui, PhD
Assistant Professor of Pharmacology

Research Interests: Brain control of appetite, metabolism and cardiovascular function
A. Kim Johnson, PhD Alan Kim Johnson, PhD
F. Wendell Miller Distinguished Professor of Physiological & Brain Sciences

Research Interests: Salt Craving; Obesity-Induced Sensitization of the Hypertensive Response
Allyn Mark, MD Allyn Mark, MD
Professor of Internal Medicine - Cardiovascular Medicine

Research Interests: Neural and humoral mechanisms of obesity-induced hypertension
Mohamad Mokadem, MD Mohamad Mokadem, MD
Clinical Associate Professor of Internal Medicine - Gastroenterology and Hepatology

Research Interests: Understanding the regulatory mechanism of gastric bypass on energy and glucose metabolism
Matthew Potthoff, PhD
Associate Professor of Pharmacology

Research Interests: Regulation of Nutrient Metabolism and Energy Homeostasis
Kamal Rahmouni, PhD
Professor of Pharmacology & Internal Medicine

Research Interests: Neural Control of Metabolism in Health and Disease
Robert Roghair, MD
Associate Professor of Pediatrics

Research Interests: Neonatal Origins of Obesity
Julien Sebag, PhD Julien Sebag, PhD
Assistant Professor of Molecular Physiology and Biophysics

Research Interests: Regulation of energy homeostasis by GPCR accessory proteins
Val Sheffield, MD, PhD
Professor of Pediatrics & Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences

Research Interests: Intracellular Transport and Cilia function in obesity, hypertension and diabetes
Stefan Strack, PhD
Professor of Pharmacology & Pathology

Research Interests: Neurological comorbidities of diabetes
Eric Taylor, PhD
Associate Professor of Biochemistry

Research Interests: To discover molecular mechanisms to modulate mitochondrial metabolism to treat human disease
Mark Yorek, PhD
Professor of Internal Medicine - Endocrinology and Metabolism

Research Interests: Effect of obesity on vascular and neural complications