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Jan Hartwig, BSN, named one of 100 Great Iowa Nurses

Janice Hartwig

Eighteen of UI Health Care’s nursing specialists appear on the 2018 list of 100 Great Iowa Nurses, selected from across the state. One of honorees is Jan Hartwig, BSN, nursing coordinator for the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology's Center for Advanced Reproductive Care. 

Hartwig is partly responsible for making certain that all the pieces of a complex puzzle fit together—for each couple’s treatment cycle and for the program as a whole serving that patient.

“I see her dedication carry her through the day to long after the clinic is closed and everyone has left. I can’t begin to list the details she coordinates,” her nomination reads. “The respect she has for her patients is inspiring.”

She has helped guide the program when adding services, such as offering a donor egg service and utilizing gestation carrier for women who didn’t have a uterus—Jan makes sure the pieces always fit. Most recently, the program has been offering services for fertility preservation for women who need cancer treatment, and Jan has been there to talk to patients and coordinate options with oncologists, trying to find a way to give this cancer patient and her family an option that otherwise would not be there.

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Monday, May 7, 2018