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Women in Orthopedics

Despite increasing diversity within medical schools and many surgical subspecialties, orthopedics lags  in recruiting a diverse population of resident trainees.  Specifically, less than 14% of resident orthopedists are female.  Under the leadership of Dr. Kristy Weber in 2019, the AAOS introduced a 5-year strategic plan to increase diversity and close the gender gap within orthopedics.  The University of Iowa boasts a proud history of training female orthopedists and continues to enthusiastically champion the AAOS effort to increase diversity within our specialty.  Dr. Weber is a University of Iowa alumnus from the residency class of 1996.

Dr. Ruth Jackson, the first board-certified female orthopedist, began her training in Iowa City in 1928 under the tutelage of Dr. Arthur Steindler.  Dr. Jackson’s perseverance served as an inspiration for many aspiring female orthopedists that succeeded her.  The Ruth Jackson Orthopedic Society, founded in her honor, serves a membership of over 600 practicing female orthopedists as a forum for mentorship and overcoming the challenges of gender disparity.

The Department of Orthopedics and Rehabilitation has remained stalwart in its commitment to Dr. Steindler's founding tenants.  The faculty and residency have featured a strong female presence for several decades, training women who have gone on to positions of local and national leadership.  We believe that increasing diversity within orthopedics encourages integration of new viewpoints, begets innovative ideas, and ultimately provides the highest level of care for our patients.

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