The faculty strongly support the department’s multiple education programs including: medical student education, orthopedic resident education, postgraduate education, and undergraduate and graduate athletic trainer education. In addition, the faculty teach biomedical engineering undergraduate, graduate and postdoctoral students in collaboration with the College of Engineering. Faculty members also teach multiple continuing education instructional course lectures for practicing orthopedists and physiatrist. Faculty time commitment to the diverse departmental education programs varies by faculty member and by year.

Department faculty members are recognized as leaders in continuing medical education in all orthopedic specialties. The department has a major role in the education of practicing orthopedic surgeons through faculty presentations at regional, national and international scientific meetings, instructional courses and visiting Professorships and their books, book chapters, Faculty members serve as editors or editorial advisory board members for multiple journals including the Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery, the Journal of Orthopedic Research, the Journal of Sports Medicine and Osteoarthritis and Cartilage.