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Resident Reviews

The Athletic Training Residency Program at the University of Iowa has helped me to grow and challenge myself as an athletic trainer and as a clinician. With rotations in a variety of specialties, I have developed my evaluation skills and expounded on my knowledge of orthopedic injuries and conditions. I believe this program is giving me the most up to date theories and treatment practices for common orthopedic conditions that I will then be able to take with me and implement at other institutes in the future.

Allison Barloon, MS, LAT, ATC
University of Iowa Athletic Training Resident 2018-2019


I really enjoyed the combination of exposure to primary care, surgeon clinics, and the OR. It allowed me to see every step of the treatment process from initial evaluation to surgical consultation and discussion of treatment options to surgical intervention. Occasionally I was also able to see these patients to discuss post op care and rehabilitation. This allowed me to be a part of the care team in many different capacities.

Kerri Meadows, MS, ATC, OTC
University of Iowa Athletic Training Resident 2016-2017
University of Iowa Health Care, Sports Medicine


The various rotations provided me with the opportunity to really develop my orthopedic knowledge, improve evaluation skills, interpret imaging, and prepare treatment plans. Working with a variety of providers such as non-op physicians, surgeons, and PAs (sports, hand, fracture clinic) really prepared me well to jump right in to Dr. Axtman’s clinic and then to be able to make the transition to working with a surgeon again. 

Tarra (Rawdon) Geertman
University of Iowa Athletic Training Resident 2013-2014 
Spectrum Health


My time spent at the University of Iowa was life changing!  I learned and grew as a athletic trainer more than I ever thought possible.  Since completing the residency, my career trajectory has been nothing but up!  I work with a university hospital system in Dallas Texas that is eager and willing to use all the skills learned through the residency program at the University of Iowa.  With the skills learned, I have been able to increase clinical efficiency, and both patient and physician satisfaction!  My experiences at Iowa are invaluable and will serve me for the rest of my career and life!

Angie (Frady) Pegram, MS, ATC, OTC
University of Iowa Athletic Training Resident 2012-2013
UT Southwestern Medical Center


The UI Residency Program was a year-long hands-on learning experience in which I learned not only about musculoskeletal conditions but also how to successfully integrate myself as a part of a multidisciplinary team and prove the value of an athletic trainer in the physician practice.  Having the opportunity to work in different areas of the orthopedic department in addition to sports medicine, as well as the opportunity to assist in the OR, not only made me a more well-rounded athletic trainer but has made me very marketable as well.  My favorite thing about the residency program was being able to work with every provider in the practice and taking pearls of wisdom from each physician to then better improve my own understanding and techniques.  Each provider has a passion for teaching and I never felt "less-than" because I asked a question or didn't have an answer, which I truly appreciated.

Megan (Probasco) Lima, MA, ATC, OTC
UI Athletic Training Resident 2011-2012 
University of Maryland Orthopedics