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Continuing Medical Education

Basic Science Lecture Series

The basic science lecture series is on a two-year rotation schedule with different subspecialty lectures presented by Orthopedic faculty and fellows and Grand Rounds, M&M (Morbidity and Mortality),  and M&M follow ups are given by Orthopedic residents with a faculty mentor.  A guest speaker from another department will present on occasion during the lecture series as well.  The basic science lecture series meet three times a week with mainly orthopedic faculty and residents as the audience. 

The goal of the basic science lecture series upon completion is for the learner to be able to discuss the genetic bases of pediatric disorders and the pathophysiology and pathomechanics underlying all common musculoskeletal problems.  The learner should also be able to describe the scientific bases of treatment options and integrate options for all common musculoskeletal problems.  They also should be able to assess effectiveness of treatment options and integrate research with clinical expertise and patient values for optimum patient care.  Lastly, learners should be able to utilize information technology to improve and support decision making and discuss effective outcome and research principles to effectively exchange information with other health providers and change processes and system care.

Journal Club

The journal club meets once a month which consists of mainly residents and fellows with several faculty in attendance.  The appropriate subspecialty faculty are assigned to journal club meeting based on the selected topic.  Topics are subspecialty focused and are selected mostly from the Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery, but also from select subspecialty journals. 

The goals and objectives for the journal club are to stimulate residents to read the current literature and to increase resident knowledge of study design and statistics.  Some other goals are to ensure the residents understand the hierarchy of evidence and to encourage residents to incorporate new knowledge and evidence into practice.  Lastly, the journal club will use a simple self-assessment tool that will increase the visibility of journal club as a learning activity, identify resident progress in achieving these goals and objectives through an academic year and throughout their years in residency and to demonstrate resident competence at the end of training in these areas of practice based learning.

Quality Improvement and Patient Safety Conference

The Quality Improvement and Patient Safety Conference meet once a month that consists of faculty, staff, and residents.   The purpose of this conference is to identify problems and importantly, the solutions to enhance musculoskeletal care delivery within the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics system. This is an opportunity for PGY1, PGY2 and PGY3 residents to identify and objectively articulate these problems.  The residents also have a chance to investigate their implications in a broader context and to propose solutions. The overarching goal is to enhance the delivery of orthopedic care to our patients and to educate all members of the department on healthcare delivery and quality improvement both locally and nationally.

Senior Resident’s Day

Senior Resident’s Day is an annual two day conference for the PGY4 residents to present their research projects.  Each PGY4 project is formally discussed by a visiting professor and one of the graduating PGY5 residents.  Additionally, the visiting professors give keynote lectures and residents, surgical fellows, post-docs, and graduate students working in the research laboratories present short presentations.

Dr. Carroll B. Larson Shrine Lectureship

The Dr. Carroll B. Larson Shrine Lectureship is an annual two day conference which the goal is to update Iowa orthopedists in current diagnosis and management of children’s orthopedic problems.  An outside pediatric physician is invited as the guest speaker to present lectures at this two day event.