Iowa Orthopedic Journal

The Iowa Orthopedic Journal is a resident-managed, peer-reviewed orthopedic medical journal. Its primary purpose is to advance research and education in the orthopedic field, including basic science, clinical research, education, and the history of orthopedics. The journal began in 1981 to educate the residents about the process of a journal publication and has remained an open source journal at PubMedIndex Medicus, and MEDLINE, where it receives approximately 57,000 “hits” per month. Each year, two PGY4s and two PGY3s are selected for the editor positions, and one PGY4 is selected for the business manager position.

Instructions for Author  

Any original article relevant to orthopedic surgery, orthopedic science or the teaching of either will be considered for publication in The Iowa Orthopedic Journal. Submissions to are not limited to University of Iowa affiliates – all authors are welcome to submit. Each new edition is published annually in June. The deadline for the June release is January 31 of that year. Once accepted for publication, articles and illustrations become the property of The Iowa Orthopedic Journal.

All manuscript submissions should include the following:

1. TITLE PAGE: The title page should list the author’s names in the order in which they should appear. Clearly designate the corresponding author and his/her email address and telephone number. A statement disclosing any conflicts of interest must also be included.

2. ABSTRACT: Word count is limited to 350 words. The abstract should consist of five paragraphs, with the headings Background (which states the primary research question), Methods, Results, Conclusions, and Level of Evidence (for clinical articles) or Clinical Relevance (for basic-science articles).

3. BIBLIOGRAPHY: The bibliography must list references in order of their use (not alphabetically), and be double-spaced. References must be presented in the text by superscript numbers. The references should be in PubMed/Index Medicus format (for an example, go to the National Center for Biotechnology Information [NCBI] web site and search for specific reference citations). All references must be cited in the text.


  • Each figure and table should be submitted as a .tif or .jpg in its own, separate page
  • Legends for all illustrations should be listed in order of appearance and single spaced.
  • Color illustrations may not be used unless it is the opinion of the journal that they convey information not available in black and white.
  • All images must have resolution of 300 pixels per inch (ppi). Web page images are to be avoided. Set digital cameras to their highest quality (ppi) setting for photographs.
  • When submitting an illustration that has appeared elsewhere, give full information about previous publication and credit to be given, and state whether or not permission to reproduce it has been obtained.

5. PREPARATION OF MANUSCRIPTS: Illustrations/figures/legends should NOT be embedded in the manuscript and should be sent separately. Their insertion points should be clearly marked in the manuscript. Manuscripts must be typewritten and double spaced using wide margins. Write out numbers under 10 except percentages, degrees or numbers expressed as decimals. Direct quotations should include the exact page number on which they appeared in the book or article. All measurements should be given in SI metric units. The body of the manuscript should contain an Introduction, Methods, Results, and Discussion. The Source of Funding should be listed at the end of the manuscript.

6. SUBMISSION OF MANUSCRIPT: Authors may submit a single manuscript file (word file or PDF) or may submit a primary manuscript and as many additional files (figures, illustrations, legends, etc.) as needed. After the formatting is complete, authors will be given one week to review and approve their manuscript prior to its publication. 

Thank you for considering a submission of your article to the Iowa Orthopedic Journal.