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MSAT Curriculum

The Master of Science in Athletic Training program (MSAT) requires 62 s.h. of coursework. The program provides a hybrid of two full years, including summers, of concentrated didactic and clinical experiences that lead to eligibility for the Board of Certification examination. Students must maintain a cumulative graduate g.p.a. of at least 3.00 and must earn a grade of C- or higher in all graduate coursework.

The M.S. in Athletic Training requires the following courses:

62 sh 1st YEAR 2nd YEAR

Advanced Anatomy for AT 4 sh
AT 3060
Foundations of AT Practice 3 sh
AT 4000
Medical Emergency Techniques 2 sh
AT 4075

Total 9 sh

Pathology and Assessment of Non-Orthopedic Conditions 3 sh
AT 5000
Diagnostic Imaging and Lab Studies 1 sh
AT 5075
Pathophysiology and Pharmacology in Sports Medicine 2 sh
AT 5200

Total 6 sh 


Clinical Experience I 3 sh
AT 4125
Orthopedic Pathology and Clinical Examination I 4 sh
AT 4200
Therapeutic Interventions 2 sh
AT 4300
Rehabilitation Techniques 3 sh
AT 4400

Total 12 sh

Research in AT 2 sh (online)
AT 6100
Clinical Experience III 6 sh (online)
AT 6125
Administration and Leadership 2 sh (online)
AT 6200
Seminar in AT   2 sh (online)
AT 6400

Total 12 sh


Orthopedic Pathology and Clinical Examination II 4 sh
AT 4250
Nutrition for AT 2 sh
AT 4375
Psychosocial Recognition & Referral 2 sh 
AT 6300
Applied Rehabilitation Concepts 3 sh  
AT 4450
Clinical Experience II 4 sh
AT 4525

Total 15 sh

Applied Research in AT 2 sh
AT 6250
Advanced Topics in AT 1 sh
AT 6450
Clinical Experience IV 5 sh
AT 6525



Total 8 sh


MSAT Policy and Procedure Manual

For more information on our policies and procedures, please review our MSAT Policy and Procedure Manual