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Tuition and Additional Costs

All MSAT students (resident and non-resident) pay the same tuition rate.  Programmatic tuition is set at $600 per credit (62 credits at $600 is a total tuition of $37,200 for the program).

Besides University tuition and fees, students accepted into the MSAT program will incur additional costs that may include the following:

  1. Background Check: ($55) Annual background checks are conducted on all students through CastleBranch. The cost of these checks is included in the AT:4000 course fee. Background check fees are not refundable if a student drops a course in which the fee is collected (summer each year).
  2. Immunizations: (based on student needs and insurance) Covered by student medical insurance. Some clinical facilities or experiences (surgery observations) may require proof of immunizations or require additional immunizations beyond what was required for program admission. Students are responsible for the cost of any immunizations or laboratory studies.
  3. Graduate College Application Admissions Fee: ($60) If offered an interview.
  4. Clothing: (based on student need) Appropriate athletic training clothing including slacks, shorts, appropriate shoes, or outdoor gear. In some instances, students are required to wear dress clothes as determined by the dress code of a particular clinical experience (basketball game days).
  5. Travel: Students are responsible for parking, travel expenses, gas to-and-from all clinical experiences.
  6. Professional Membership: ($80 annually) All Athletic Training students are required to become members of the National Athletic Trainers’ Association (NATA) which has an annual fee.
  7. ATRACK Usage Fee: ($45 annually) ATRACK is used to manage and house administrative documents for the program including hours, student skill assessments, and student mid/end clinical experience evaluations.
  8. Professional Meeting Attendance: Athletic training students are required to attend, at minimum, one professional meeting as described in the completion of program criteria. Costs of attending a professional conference vary by geographical location but involve travel, registration, housing, and food while at the meeting. 
  9. BOC Examination: ($400) All students MUST sit for the BOC examination during their final academic semester prior to graduation.
  10. CPR Re-Certification: ($10) Students are responsible for maintaining certification throughout their time in the program. Students must pay the card fees only.
  11. Immersive Experience: Additionally, students may choose a semester-long immersive clinical experience that is at a distant location. Travel, housing, food, and other specific needs of the clinical experience are the responsibility of the student.
  12. Course fees (see below – pending approval) are unique costs incurred by the student solely for the support of supplies and equipment needed to operate specific courses. Course fees may not be refundable if a student drops a course at a certain point, prior to, or during the semester the course is in session.


AT:3060 Advanced Human Anatomy for Athletic Training $500.00
AT:4000 Foundations of Athletic Training $165.00
AT:4075 Emergency Care Techniques $150.00
AT:5000 Pathology & Assessment: Non-Orthopedic Condition $200.00








All MSAT students who are in 'good standing' with the program will received a base scholarship each fall and spring semester. The amount provided varies depending on the number of students in the program and the available funding. Students who attend an immersive clinical experience outside the Iowa City/Cedar Rapids area are also eligible for additional funding. Contact the Program Director for more details about scholarships.