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University of Iowa Sports Medicine Symposium

We will host the 38th annual University of Iowa Sports Medicine Symposium on December 8-9, 2022 at the Coralville Hyatt Conference Center.  We are very excited to have outstanding visiting faculty joining our Iowa faculty for the event.  Our guest faculty include C. Benjamin Ma, MD from University of California San Francisco, Allison Brooks, MD from University of Wisconsin, and Kory Zimney, PT, DPT, PhD from University of South Dakota. 

Topics to include:
•    Treatment of rotator cuff injuries
•    Mental health and performance issues in competitive athletes
•    Diagnosis and management of ankle sprains
•    Management of articular cartilage injuries
•    Management of acute and chronic pain
•    Highlight Presentations from this year’s guest speakers: Athletic Protective Equipment Update; Enhancing the Therapeutic Alliance Between Patients and Providers; Is Osteoarthritis after ACL Injury the Next Pandemic?

If you have any questions please contact sportsmed-hawksymp@uiowa.edu.


The program is designed to present health care professionals with current knowledge about:

  • Diagnosis, management, and prevention of a variety of sports injuries.
  • Emphasize uniquely influential factors that must be addressed in the provision of the highest quality of care to the competitive athlete.
  • Present specific performance improvement measures for the diagnosis and treatment of detectable problems that exist in young athletes.

In addition to lectures, interactive discussions will be offered to enhance the participant’s understanding of the topics presented.