New faculty member Jody Buckwalter’s grandfather pioneered thyroid surgery and gastric bypass surgery here, the Iowa City Press-Citizen reports. His grandmother was among the first women to graduate from the UI College of Medicine.
Using health insurance data involving more than 1 million cases nationally, UI Department of Orthopedics and Rehabilitation researchers found that many patients with knee osteoarthritis continued to receive either corticosteroid or hyaluronic acid injections for pain relief, even after published clinical practice guidelines cited evidence questioning those injections’ effectiveness.
The Department of Orthopedics and Rehabilitation recently received two large grants from the Department of Defense.
James V. Nepola, MD, is the 2018 Huit Faculty Award Recipient.
Lori Dolan, PhD, wins the 2018 Distinguished Research Professional Award.
Sarcoma patients treated at high-volume medical centers may have higher survival rates than those treated at low-volume centers, according to a new analysis of cancer-treatment data by a team of University of Iowa researchers.
Researchers with the University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine and the UI College of Engineering built an orthopedic surgery simulator to improve medical training of doctors completing their residency, and to measure the surgical expertise of later-career surgeons.
An University of Iowa study has identified a method for inhibiting the occurrence of an aggressive form of arthritis that frequently develops following a severe traumatic injury.
Dr. Wolf discusses how he went from a Division I athlete to an orthopedic surgeon.
Dr. Joseph A Buckwalter was invited to be the KCRG-TV9 guest expert of the day to discuss carpal tunnel and other hand injuries.