Research Laboratories

Research and development have long been a central part of the Department of Orthopedics and Rehabilitation’s efforts. We have strong programs in Bioengineering, Biomechanics, and Basic biological research. The work produced in these areas has led to new technology, treatments and procedures and our highly motivated faculty and trainees continue to make strides in these endeavors. The department also has a long history of clinical research including studying the long-term results and the natural history of disorders such as scoliosis, hip disease, and fractures. The Sports Medicine research team promotes projects that focus on ACL injury, shoulder instability, rotator cuff injury, patellofemoral joint dysfunction, knee rehabilitation, post-traumatic osteoarthritis, and concussion. The University of Iowa, Department of Orthopedics and Rehabilitation strive to be a leader in innovative treatments, therapeutics and technologies to help those affected with orthopedic diseases and conditions.