Orthopedic Histopathology Service Center

Our team of highly skilled technicians and researchers, along with our state of the art facility, are dedicated to providing exceptional GLP-like histopathology services for all orthopedic specialties as well as routine scientific research laboratories.

Routine Histology

Our paraffin laboratory produces routine histology slides from formalin fixed paraffin embedded tissue samples.  The lab is furnished with state-of-the-art equipment, including high throughput automated tissue processing and staining instruments, specialized automated microtomes for sectioning boney tissues as well as radiographic and digital imaging systems.  



Special Services

Our plastic laboratory specializes in processing of nerve tissue and calcified bone, with and without implants, into plastic epoxy and acrylic resins.  This lab is furnished with multiple Exakt grinding systems and cutting-edge plastic microtomy equipment, including a brand new Rowiak TissueSurgeon laser microtome.  These systems are engineered for novel, large scale applications.  Our knowledge and expertise allow for protocol development of staining specifically for plastic embedded tissues.








The OHSC laboratory is skilled in the preparation,   detection and visualization of antibody labeling in tissue.  This service includes standard IHC on paraffin or plastic preparations which have been developed and validated for use in many different species. We are also able to develop custom protocols upon request and can offer multiplex staining of up to 4 different antibody labels using revolutionary, automated IHC staining platforms.


Contact Information:

2501 Crosspark Road
Suite B, Room 126
Coralville, Iowa 52241
Phone: 319-353-1800
Email: ortho-ohsc@uiowa.edu