Thank you for your interest in the Pharmacology Program! For admission into our program, students must apply to the Biomedical Science Program (BSP). The BSP acts as a common portal by which students are admitted directly to one of nine subprograms, including Pharmacology, at the University of Iowa. Although students track directly into courses and research rotations during their first year based upon the subprogram selected on their admissions application, students have the opportunity to perform research rotations in other subprograms should they choose. Although rare, students have the option of changing subprograms, if their interests turn out to match better with a different subprogram. Students are fully supported during their graduate PhD training, which normally takes about 5 years.

Successful completion of our program culminates with a PhD, Biomedical Science (Pharmacology).

If interested in applying to our Program, please click the “Apply” button for detailed information.

Applicants to the BSP's nine subprograms will have their application fee reimbursed if they receive an interview invitation and complete the interview. In addition, applicants may be eligible for a Graduate Application Fee Waiver based upon program participation or financial hardship.