H.M. Hines (1944-1961)

J.T. McClintock resigned as Head of the Department in 1944 and Harry M. Hines, Professor of Physiology was appointed as Head. H.M. Hines received his BA from The University of Iowa in 1916 and his MS in 1917. In 1922 he received a Ph.D. in Biochemistry and was appointed as an Assistant Professor, becoming a full Professor by 1938. He served as the Head of the Department from 1944-1961. Dr. Hines died in 1963.

Dr. G.C. Knowlton was placed on extended leave of absence and was commissioned in the U.S. Army Air Force and proceeded to the School of Aviation Medicine at Randolph Field, Texas for training as an Aviation Physiologist in the AAF Altitude Training Program. After he completed his training, he was assigned to Selfridge Field, Michigan to initiate and activate the 18th Altitude Training Unit. During 1943-1946 J.D. Thomson also received a commission to the USAAAF, trained at Randolph Field, and joined Knowlton at Selfridge Field in 1943. At the end of WWII (1946) both returned to The University of Iowa.

The extended leaves of Knowlton and Thomson depleted the Faculty during WWII, when the Medical School's teaching load had been increased by the Navy's on-campus V-12 Medical and Cental Training Program and ASTP. The Navy Medical Training Program, which began July 1, 1943, was a program in which the government conducted medical training, all expenses paid, to increase the number of Navy doctors and dentists. "Students" were listed as Apprentice Seaman (V-12), wore regulation uniforms, attended daily drills and indoctrination lectures, and had monitored classroom attendance.


The following building additions and improvements were made:

Lecture Room #2: Forced ventilation, darkening of windows (for projection), installation of fluorescent ceiling lights, installation of an electric wall clock, a new blackboard, and facilities for still motion picture projection were installed.

Installation of air conditioners wherever human subjects were used in teaching and research. Excess and unused equipment was moved to a temporary building which was the Naval Wrestling Pavilion (a relic of the Naval Pre-Flight training days of WW II and then called the "Physiology Annex").\In 1950 H.M. Hines was presented with a Distinguished Service Gold Key at the American Congress of Physical Medicine.


Following Dr. Hines' retirement, Dr. C.A.M. Hogben was appointed as Department Head, effective September 1, 1961.