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Administrative Staff

Kelsey Montross


Brandi Carr

Human Resources Director

Lori Posey

Human Resources Generalist

Tina Cronbaugh

Administrative Services Coordinator

Stephanie Wainwright

Psychiatry Residency Program Specialist

Sarah Butler

Medical Education Coordinator and Administrative Services Coordinator

Julie Arling

Clinic Services Coordinator

Meggan Riggan-Rocha

Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Residency Program Coordinator

Francie Williamson

Communications Coordinator


Teresa Young

Secretary III

Lauren D'Argo

Support Services Specialist

Shirley Harland

Research Support Specialist

Katie Zear

Administrative Services Coordinator


Finance Team

Drupa Patel

Support Services Specialist

David Goedken

Research Support Coordinator


Darin Lamont

(photo not available)

Research Support Manager