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2021 PODS Scholarship Award Recipients

Congratulations to University of Iowa PTRS PhD students Adam Janowski, Andrew Post, and Kristin Johnson as 2021 PODS Scholarship Award Recipients!  We are pleased to announce these three outstanding PTRS PhD students were selected by the Foundation for Physical Therapy to receive the highly cmpetitive 2021 Promotion of Doctoral Studies (PODS) Scholarships.

Adam Janowski, PT, DPT 
Project Title:  “The Validation of Metabolic Biomarkers, Malate and Fumarate, using Animal and Human Research Designs in Chronic Pain”
Faculty Mentor:  Dr. Kathleen Sluka
PODS I - $7,500 award

Andrew Post, PT, DPT
Project Title:  “Impact of Physical Therapists Identification of Pain Mechanisms and Pain-related Psychological Factors on Patient Outcomes in Clinical Practice”
Faculty Mentor:  Dr. Ruth Chimenti
PODS I - $7,500 award

Kristin Johnson, PT, DPT
Project Title:  “The Comparison of Females’ Capacity to Condition the Spinal Reflex and to Regulate Transcortical Reflex Responses to Perturbation during Dynamic Performance at Distinct Phases of the Menstrual Cycle”
Faculty Mentor:  Dr. Richard Shields
PODS II - $15,000 award



Thursday, July 15, 2021