Drinkable CO foam for cancer therapy

Image of GEM foam being sprayedA drinkable carbon monoxide (CO) foam is the latest development in a series of gas-entrapped materials (GEMs) that deliver therapeutic doses to cancer cells. Results recently published in the journal Advanced Science revealed that increased levels of CO in cancer cells acts as an autophagy inhibitor; that is suppressing the cancer cells ability to repair itself. Dr. James Byrne and his team of researchers were alerted to the possibility that CO might act as an autophagy inhibitor when smokers responded better during clinical trials than their non-smoking cohort. Elevated CO levels in the bloodstream from smoking pointed towards the possible efficacy in constraining autophagy in the cancer cells. Instead of cigarette smoke the delivery mechanism for this study used a drinkable foam infused with CO adding to the array of delivery methods already employed by his team of researchers.

Friday, January 19, 2024