Eric A. Hoffman, PhD, Awarded the Inaugural Richard Hichwa Chair in Radiology

Eric Hoffman and Richard Hichwa, portraitsEric A. Hoffman, PhD, has been awarded the inaugural Richard Hichwa Chair in Radiology.  This chair honors the contributions of Dr. Hichwa who retired this year after many years of service to both the department and university.  He founded the PET Center 30 years ago and laid the groundwork for the Small Animal Imaging Core. 

Dr. Hoffman has had an esteemed career pioneering the use of CT imaging to investigate pulmonary physiology and disease.  His work with the dual energy Force scanner was one of the primary reasons Siemens chose us as one of the first sites in the US for the Photon-Counting CT scanner.

We are grateful for the generosity and continued support of Dr. Hichwa, which will benefit the department for years to come. 


Thursday, September 22, 2022