E.A. Franken, Jr., Professor in Pediatric Radiology

Franken Professor in Pediatric Radiology

We are pleased to announce that Yutaka Sato, MD, PhD, FACR, has been appointed as the inaugural Edmund A. Franken, Jr., Professor in Pediatric Radiology.  This special and rare opportunity has been made possible by the generosity of Dr. Franken, whose leadership, dedication and service to the Department of Radiology extends for decades. The professorship allows us to honor two people who have made a tremendous difference at The University of Iowa for patient care (particularly pediatric), training, and research.  Both of them have dedicated essentially their entire professional careers here, and our department is the better for it.

This gift will have a long-lasting impact. In future years, it will help us to recruit and retain similar outstanding people for Pediatric Radiology.  Funds generated by this professorship can be used to support pediatric radiology research and education. We express deep gratitude to Dr. Franken for both his service and his gift, and congratulations to Dr. Sato, for whom this honor is so well-deserved.


Sunday, March 10, 2019