Karan Rao, MD, Wins 2024 Resident Research Award

Karan Rao, portraitCongratulations to Karan Rao, MD, who won the 2024 Resident Research Award for his project entitled, "Impact of the Reading Room Coordinator on the Efficiency of On-Call Radiology Residents." His faculty mentor was Bruno Policen, MD, MBA, and the supporting authors are: Joshua Hagedorn, BSE; Sarah Perry, MS; Knute Carter, PhD; and Brian Balkenede, BA. 

We also want to recognize the other excellent projects presented this year:

Immunoembolization for Ocular Melanoma with Hepatic Metastasis
Robert Esposito, MD
Mentor: Michael Hummel, MD

Congenital Inner Ear Malformations
Johnathan Kingyon, MD
Mentor: Lillian Lai, MD

Patterns and Progression: Association Between Lipiodol [Guerbet] Deposition and Treatment Response in Metastatic Ocular Melanoma 
Aditi Patel, MD
Mentor: Chad Davis, MD

Dual-Energy CT Esophagram for Acute Injury
Eric Y Sung, MD
Mentor: David M Kuehn, MD

Change in Management After Radionuclide Gastric Emptying Studies Show Slow Emptying
Japnit Singh, MBBS
Mentor: Michael Graham, MD, PhD

Diagnostic Value of Deauville Score in PET Imaging of Diffuse Large B-cell Lymphoma
Sinan Akay, MD
Mentor: Yusuf Menda, MD

The Imaging of Ductal Carcinoma in Situ  - Where It Is and Where It’s Going
Xin Zhan, MD
Daniela Cunha, MD
Mentors: Fabiana Policeni, MD, and Fabiola Kestelman, MD

Neck Dissections: Recognizing Expected Imaging Changes and Complications
Daniella Karassawa Zanoni, MD
Mentor: Danielli Matsuura, MD
Bruno Policeni, MD, MBA
Marcos Decnop Batista Pinheiro, MD

Novel Device for Simulation of Vascular Fluoroscopic Procedures
Taylor Sellers, MD
Mentor: Sandeep Laroia, MD



Tuesday, February 6, 2024