Division of Neuroradiology

Joan Maley, MD, FACR

Joan Maley, MD, FACR


The Division of Diagnostic Neuroradiology offers comprehensive diagnostic imaging of the patient’s brain, spine/spinal cord, and head and neck region employing:

  • Radiography and fluoroscopy
  • Computed tomography (CT), including CT angiography and CT perfusion studies
  • CT-guided biopsy procedures
  • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), including MR angiography, fMRI, diffusion/perfusion, spectroscopy, CSF flow studies and tractography
  • Lumbar punctures and myelography
  • Sialography and dacryocystography

The division has state-of-the-art imaging equipment consisting of 6 clinical CT scanners (including dual-source, 128-slice, 64-slice (2), etc), 6 clinical and 2 dedicated research MR scanners (including a 7T), and a bi-plane myelography procedure suites. The division works closely with referring physicians to carefully select and tailor patient examinations to address the clinical question. Along with colleagues in Nuclear Medicine, Neuroradiology provides combination interpretations of all head and neck PET/CT scans. A consultant “second read” services for individual or departmental QA purposes is offered.