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Meet Britney Worby, BS, RT(R)(T)(MR)

Meet Britney Worby, BS, RT(R)(T)(MR) Britney Worby, portrait

Tell us about your background: I completed all of my schooling at the University of Iowa! I went through x-ray school from 2010-2012, then completed my BS in Radiation Sciences after completing Radiation Therapy program in 2013! I currently work full-time in Radiation Oncology at UIHC and PRN in MRI and have been doing so for the past year! Prior to my current employment, I worked in the Cardiac Cath lab here at UIHC as a Radiologic Technologist, worked at UICMS River Crossing Clinic as a Rad Tech/Lab Tech, worked at Greater Regional Medical Center as a Radiation Therapist and Rad Tech, and as an MRI Tech in Diagnostic MRI here at UIHC.

Why did you pick Radiation Therapy as your career field? I chose to specialize in Radiation Therapy after growing up with my dad, mom, and brother being in and out of the hospital. I knew I wanted to be in healthcare to help others just as so many healthcare personnel helped and cared for us! Ultimately, I chose a career in Radiation Therapy after job shadowing and loving the relationship built between the therapists and their patients! I truly felt they were a part of their extended families and although they didn't meet in the greatest of circumstances, the empathy, sympathy and pure tender loving care that everyone exhibited towards their patients struck a cord with me! Now today, years after completing school, I absolutely love being there for my patients and their families and allowing them a safe place to laugh, cry, and everything between! Radiation Therapy also incorporates x-ray, CT, and MRI, and with new technology always coming out it never gets stagnant!

What's your favorite exam? My favorite exam would have to be extremity treatments because they really make a therapist think outside of the box and sometimes we have to get creative for immobilization, and treatment to ensure consistency, stability, and patient safety!

Advice for anyone interested in the RT career field: I would advise anyone interested in Radiation Therapy to do a lot of job shadowing and at different Radiation Oncology centers! Radiation Therapy is a very fast paced environment combining a multitude of different radiology modalities to create and administer very precise radiation therapy treatments! It is great to familiarize yourself with the imaging modalities that coincide with Radiation Therapy and through job shadowing understand the sequence of events that patients go through that ultimately get them to Radiation Oncology for treatment. It is an ever-changing field that will not only leave you fulfilled, but that will help improve and change the lives of so many cancer patients!


Tuesday, November 8, 2022