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Meet Denise Hammen, RT(R)(M)

Meet Denise Hammen, RT(R)(M) Denise Hammen

Tell us about your background: I went to school in Washington (Iowa) and graduated in 1974. I applied to be in the Radiologic Training Program since I loved working with people and to feel like I helped them in some way. I wasn't sure I wanted to be a nurse. I  was excited to be accepted in the Radiologic Technology program here at UIHC. I moved into Westlawn Dormitory in September 1974 and was scared to death to start training since I hadn't had any experience working in a hospital. I do remember all the nice people that made everything seem okay, so I try to always think about that and do that for the students and patients the best I can.  I currently am working in mammography but am retiring on November 1st after being a technologist here for 45 years. I started out floating to whatever area needed me for a few years then decided I would work in general, then was in fluoro for 15 years. Twenty years ago I went to mammography training in Lombard, Illinois for a week then took Mammography boards in 2002.

Why did you pick RT/BI as your career field? When I was a Registered Technologist in 1976, you didn't have to be registered in mammography to do a mammogram. I love mammography and seeing the patients come in yearly for their appointments.  It is so rewarding to go out in public and have someone come up to me and remember me from doing their mammogram. A lot of the patients can be nervous when they have their exam, but I talk a lot so that seems to ease the tension.....most of the time. LOL. My mom had breast cancer, and I remember what she went through, so I think of that and hope I can help the patients the best I possibly can.

Advice for anyone interested in the RT career field? My advice is to do what makes you smile and have a happy heart. I love making the patients feel at ease and that we'll make it through the exam ok together. The patient needs a mammogram, and I know how to do it, but if I didn't have a patient I didn't have a job, so we're a team and together we'll get this exam done. 


Tuesday, November 9, 2021