Meet Lindsey Williams, BS, RDMS, RVT | Radiation Sciences Programs

Meet Lindsey Williams, BS, RDMS, RVT

Meet Lindsey Williams, BS, RDMS, RVT Lindsey Williams, portrait

Tell us about your background. I started out in X-ray and after completing a two year program, I got accepted into the University of Iowa’s Diagnostic Medical Sonography program that at the time was 18 months and graduated with a Bachelor of Science. I have been a Sonographer at UIHC in the OBGYN department since 2012.

Why did you pick sonography as a career field?   During one of my clinical rotations in X-ray, I observed ultrasound exams and found it fascinating when the Sonographer found a mass and was able to come up with a diagnosis for the patient and worked as a team with the physician. I love the hand-eye coordination and operator dependent aspect of the field. I love that I never stop learning and there is never a dull moment as it always keeps you on your toes! 

What is your favorite exam? I love performing OB detailed anatomic surveys, especially when it is a known fetal anomaly referred to us from an outside hospital. I love looking at every single organ system of the baby and figuring out what exactly the anomaly is to be able to help the family get a more precise diagnosis and prognosis so they can be as prepared as you possibly could when you find out the devastating news that something is wrong with your baby. I love working with the maternal fetal medicine specialists and genetic counselors to piece together what we are seeing on ultrasound to what that could mean genetically. It’s crazy to get to see abnormalities that are so rare that most Sonographers just learn about in class but don’t see their entire career. I get to help patients during their most exciting time in their life to the worst but am able to be there for them to provide comfort. 

Advice for anyone interested in the sonography field?  It is a job that requires passion to succeed. It will challenge you daily and be very humbling. You need to always be willing to learn and grow.

Monday, October 17, 2022