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Meet Nate Franken, RDMS

Meet Nate Franken, RDMSNate Franken, RDMS

Nate graduated with an AD in Diagnostic Medical Sonography from Southeast Tech College in Sioux Falls, SD. “I really didn't know much about ultrasound prior to school. But I heard it was a great up-and-coming field with very good job placement and pay (and you get to scan babies!) so I went for it! I am glad I did, because it is also where I met my wife. She, too, was in the DMS program there and is currently a sonographer here at UIHC in Women's Health. After doing my clinical rotation out in Richmond, Virginia and graduating from the program, I took a job here at UIHC in Radiology where I have been the past 16 years.”

Nates favorite exam?

“There really isn't any one that sticks out. I like each and every one of them, as each patient and exam can hold a new challenge, and you can learn something new, on any given day. I do enjoy doing doppler exams, and I really like doing pediatric exams. It's amazing how resilient and strong kids can be! I will give you an exam I could go without though, and that's a foot ultrasound. No thanks.”

Advice for anyone interested in going into ultrasound?

“Really understand what you are getting into. Ultrasound is not just simply putting a transducer down and getting an image. It is a challenging field, but also very rewarding. So shadow exams when you can, ask questions, and if pursuing the field, get in and scan every exam as much as possible!”


Wednesday, October 14, 2020