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Meet Sara Baldus, RDMS

Meet Sara Baldus, RDMS!Sara Baldus, RDMS

Tell us about your background. I began my education at Mercy St. Luke’s School of Radiologic Technology and then continued at St. Luke’s as an ultrasound intern for 12 months.

Why did you pick sonography as a career field? I chose ultrasound after rotating through this area while I was training in x-ray. The most intriguing thing in ultrasound to me was I felt as I was more involved in the diagnosis. Ultrasound requires you to never let your guard down. This field has kept me very humble during my 30 years of scanning.

What’s your favorite exam? My favorite exam is the female pelvis. As boring as this may sound, I have a huge passion for all ages of female gynecology. The diversity of this exam and patient population is where it is at for me. I have worked in Women’s Health and the UIHC REI department for over 24 years and I love helping make a couples fertility dream come true. If I can be that one positive voice during a really tough time, I have done more than be a sonographer.

Advice for anyone interested in the sonography field?  You are about to enter a field that you will be constantly keeping you on your toes. I have been scanning over 30 years and am still learning so much. Be prepared to work closely with your patients, coworkers, and staff physician.



Friday, October 8, 2021