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Meet Tim Neuzil, PA-C

Meet Tim Neuzil, PA-C, previous graduate of the Radiation Sciences program.

What program(s) Tim completed within Radiation Sciences: Tim Neuzil

I completed my Diagnostic Radiography program in 2014 and my CT Internship in 2015.

What Tim has done since graduating with a BS in Radiation Sciences:

After I graduated I worked at UIHC as a CT technologist on 2nd shift mostly, also overnights doing X-ray at the VA. During that time I was completing some of the extra courses needed as prerequisites to get into various PA programs. After about a year and a half, I had completed the courses I needed and got accepted into PA school.  After two busy years of training, I came back to UIHC and have been working here ever since.

Tim’s official job title and description of what he does now:

I am a Physician Assistant Hospitalist for the trauma surgery team. I basically help make sure the service runs smoothly with all of the rotating residents and staff surgeons. I typically round on the inpatients, see each trauma that comes in to the ETC, and see all of the trauma service follow up patients. I also help teach the residents how to do what I do during their rotation with me. All of this includes lots of histories and physicals, order labs and imaging, interpreting those labs and images, prescribing medications, doing bedside and ETC procedures, and some administrative duties as well as so much more.

How Tim’s background in imaging has helped in his job now:

It has been very useful, especially when reviewing images in an emergent situation and making decisions before they can be read by a radiologist. It has also been very helpful using images to explain to patients what their injuries or illnesses are. It also makes teaching the med students and residents much easier when you have a firm grip on what you are looking at.

Advice for students looking to a career in medical imaging: 

Always keep learning, things keep changing. Find something you enjoy doing, and if possible, with people you enjoy doing it with, careers in imaging are very diverse, so look into what fits you. Find what strengths you have and capitalize on those, but always find ways to work on areas that need improvement. And no matter how you go about what you’re doing, have fun!


Tuesday, May 26, 2020