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Meet Todd Woods, BSDMS, RDMS, RVT, RT(R)

Meet Todd Woods! Todd Woods

Tell us about your background – Received my BS in DMS from the Medical College of Georgia.  Board certified in Abdomen & OBG in 1989, then Vascular in 1995, Breast in 2004 and lastly, Pediatrics in 2015.  Started at UIHC in 1993 as a staff sonographer in Radiology, 1999 worked in UIHC research and 2003 started in DMS education.  I have worked with ultrasound students clinically from 1990-2018.

Why did you pick sonography as a career field?  It was a newer modality, and I like the operator dependence of the exams.  It was clear to me as a student in Radiology that you work as a team and I liked that.

What is your favorite exam? The exams where I know the ultrasound diagnosis made an impact on the patients’ care.

Advice for anyone interested in the sonography field? This career is dependent on the knowledge and skills of the sonographer. You will not perfect when you begin this career, and you will not perfect after thirty years of scanning, but you strive to be better and learn every year because your patients depend on you.  Don’t expect to be finished with school or learning after your pass your boards; technology and advancements are continual in this field and our world.



Friday, October 1, 2021