About The SAIC

Imaging Room

The SAIC is located in the Pappajohn Biomedical Discovery Building (PBDB)

9 Imaging rooms which are capable of functioning in barrier or non-barrier status

  • PET (MOSAIC, Philips)

  • PET/CT/SPECT (INVEON, Siemens)

  • Nuclear Prep Room 

  • Bioluminescence/Fluorescence/ X-Ray/Radiosotopic (MSFX-Pro, Carestream)

  • Xstrahl small animal animal radiation research platform (SARRP)

  • Ultrasound (Vevo 2100, FujiFilm Visualsonics )

  • 7T MRI (MR901, GE)

  • 2 rooms set aside for future Instrumentation

5 Additional equipment rooms

  • Bioluminescence/Fluorescence (IVIS 200, Perkin Elmer)

  • Biodistribution Support (Maestro NaI well counter)

  • 3D X-ray Microscopy (Xradia 520 Versa, Zeiss)

  • Sample Prep room with chemical fume hood

  • Freezers and chemical storage

  • A dedicated Image Analysis room

    • 3 Workstations loaded with Visualization and Analysis software

4 Radioactive animal housing rooms

Contact info: saic@uiowa.edu           Telephone: 319.335.9832