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Optical Imaging

Optical Imaging Equipment


Carestream MSFX Pro

Carestream MSFX Pro system

In vitro and In vivo imaging

  • Multispectral fluorescence

    • Excitation Filters 410- 760 nm

    • Emission Filters 535- 830 nm 

  • Bioluminescence (Luciferase, GFP)

  • Radioistopic (32P, 90Y, 111In, 125I and Cerenkov)

  • High resolution X-ray imaging (50 micron, 10- 35 kVp)

Note: The Carestream imaging system is situated within an imaging room with the capability of operating within OAR barrier protocols. 


IVIS 200 Perkin Elmer

Xenogen IVIS 200 

in vitro and in vivo imaging

  • Bioluminescence (Luciferase and GFP)

  • Fluorescent imaging

    • Excitation Filters 400- 950 nm

    • Emission Filters 560- 660 nm

Training and assistance is available for each system. 

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