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Departmental Leadership History

Timeline of Department Heads

1870-1891Washington Freeman Peck, AM, MDWashington Freeman Peck, AM, MD
1891-1902William Drummond Middleton, MDWilliam Drummond Middleton, MD
1902-1912William Jepson, BS, MD
1913-1927Charles Joseph Rowan, AB, MDCharles Joseph Rowan, AB, MD
1927-1936Howard Lombard Beye, BS, MD
1948-1951Frank Raymond Peterson, BS, MD
1947-1948Robert Thompson Tidrick, AB, MD
1948-1951Nathan Anthony Womack, BS, MD
1951-1969Robert Thompson Tidrick, AB, MDRobert Thompson Tidrick, AB, MD
1969-1970Sidney Edward Ziffren, BS, MDSidney Edward Ziffren, BS, MD
1971-1972Robert Edward Condon, AB, MS, MD
1972-1981Sidney Edward Ziffren, BS, MDSidney Edward Ziffren, BS, MD
1981-1982Edward Eaton Mason, BA, MD, PhDEdward Eaton Mason, BA, MD, PhD
1982-1992Robert John Corry, AB, MDRobert John Corry, AB, MD
1992-1995Robert Tunnicliff Soper, AB, MDRobert Tunnicliff Soper, AB, MD
1995-2005Carol Scott-Conner, BS, MD, PhD, MBACarol EH Scott-Conner, BS, MD, PhD, MBA
2004-2005Patrick Kealey, MDG. Patrick Kealey, MD
2005-PresentRonald J. Weigel, MD, PhDRon Weigel, MD, PhD