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Pediatric Surgery

Joel Shilyansky, portrait

Joel Shilyansky, MD
Division Director

Division Contact Information

Phone: (319) 356-2229
Fax: (319) 384-9510 

Emergencies, Evenings, and Weekends
Phone: (319) 356-1616  

The University of Iowa is recognized for innovation, excellence, and leadership in the surgical treatment of children with a broad range of needs and disorders.

Care is provided by pediatric specialists that have specific training and certification in the surgical and medical treatment of children. Our physicians and surgeons are national leaders in their respective specialties and constantly strive for excellence by participating in national conferences, as well as clinical and basic science research. The surgical team utilizes established pediatric medical and surgical knowledge as well as new evidence-based surgical and medical techniques and research discoveries in order to offer the most current, and when appropriate, innovative treatments.

The pediatric surgeons are experts in the surgical care of children with newborn malformations, surgical emergencies, gastrointestinal problems, lung, trachea and chest wall malformations, as well as tumors and cancer. The team performs both traditional and minimally invasive surgeries. Minimally-invasive, including robotic, surgical approach is offered where appropriate in order to minimize pain, shorten hospital stay and improve safety and efficacy of surgery. Surgeries are performed in a child friendly environment and, when possible, on an outpatient basis.

The Pediatric Surgery Division at the UI Children’s Hospital is staffed by surgeons specifically trained and certified in general and thoracic pediatric surgery. The pediatric surgeons’ practice is fully dedicated to the surgical care of children. The surgical team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for evaluation and treatment of children. The surgical team includes pediatric nurse practitioners and pediatric nurse specialists that specialize in the care of pediatric surgical patients.