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For Our Referring Partners

Consultations are enhanced by mailing or faxing pertinent medical information about your patients in advance. Please address correspondence to the appropriate clinical service and direct to:

        Department of Surgery 
        University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics 
        200 Hawkins Drive 
        Iowa City, IA 52242-1089

Contact a specific division

Please remind your patients to notify our Reception Desk staff of who their referring provider is when they check-in so that we may properly communicate results after each appointment.

Additional information for our referring providers can be found on the University of Iowa Healthcare website.

After-Hour Referrals

UI Consult

        Phone: (800) 322-8442 
        Fax: (319) 356-4428 

Emergency Room and Inpatient Transfer Requests 

UI Transfer Center: 

        Phone: (800) 890-5969 
        Fax: (319) 467-5546

Continuing Medical Education