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Professor and Chair

Ronald J. Weigel, MD, PhD, MBA
E-mail: ronald-weigel@uiowa.edu 
Telephone: (319) 353-7474 

Departmental Administrator

Mark Moser, MHA 
E-mail: mark-moser@uiowa.edu 
Telephone: (319) 356-7913

Jaclyn Searls

Clinic & Business Manager

Jackie Searls-Pepper, MBA
Email: jackie-searls@uiowa.edu
Telephone: (319) 353-8204

Human Resources Generalist

Julie Portz 
E-mail: julie-portz@uiowa.edu 
Telephone: (319) 356-2196

Human Resources Coordinator

Jordan Adam
E-mail: jordan-adam@uiowa.edu 
Telephone: (319) 384-6144


Administrative Services Coordinator

Jessica Husman 
E-mail: jessica-husman@uiowa.edu
Telephone: (319) 353-6811

Administrative Services Specialist

Angie Timmerman
E-mail: angela-timmerman@uiowa.edu
Telephone: (319) 356-3934

Diane Berwald

Senior Financial Analyst

Diane Berwald, BS 
E-mail: diane-berwald@uiowa.edu 
Telephone: (319) 467-5902


Lori Jones
E-mail: lori-jones@uiowa.edu 
Telephone: (319) 356-1753

Information Technology and Systems Administrator

F. Cody Mathews, BA 
E-mail: frederick-mathews@uiowa.edu
Telephone: (319) 356-1993

Senior Financial Analyst / Asst. Research Scientist

Junlin Liao, PhD 
E-mail: junlin-liao@uiowa.edu 
Telephone: (319) 356-2588 

Unruh, Cate

Surgical Education Program Assistant

Cate Unruh, M Ed.
E-mail: cate-unruh@uiowa.edu
Telephone: (319) 467-5302