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Emeritus Faculty

  • Douglas Behrendt, MD
  • Kent Choi, MD
  • Albert Cram, MD
  • Nelson Gurll, MD
  • Cornelius Doherty, MD
  • Luke C. Faber, MD
  • Jamal Hoballah, MD
  • Peter Jochimsen, MD
  • G. Pat Kealey, MD
  • Ken Kimura, MD
  • W. Thomas Lawrence, MD, MPH
  • James Maher, MD
  • Wayne Richenbacher, MD
  • Nicholas Rossi, MD
  • Carol Scott-Conner, MD
  • Siroos Shirazi, MD
  • Wilbur Zike, MD

Academic profile pages for recent emeriti

Last updated Dec. 16, 2020