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Kent Choi, MD

Clinical Professor
Director, Surgical Critical Care Fellowship
Surgical Co-Director, Surgical & Neurosciences Intensive Care Unit
Clinical Professor of Surgery - Acute Care Surgery

Contact Information

Primary Office
0091-C-1 RCP
Iowa City, IA 52242


Jinan University, School of Medicine
BS, Chemistry, University of Florida
MD, Medical College of Georgia, School of Medicine
MS, Epidemiology, University of Iowa, Graduate College
Resident, General Surgery, University of West Virginia
Fellow, Critical Care, Washington University

Licensure and Certifications

Board Certified, Surgical Critical Care - American Board of Surgery
Board Certified, General Surgery - American Board of Surgery

Research Summary

Dr. Choi's interests include: 1) Epidemiology study in traumatic injury prevention 2) Trauma system set up and care outcome. 3) Morbid obesity and trauma outcome 4) Surgical infection control 5) Immunology and inflammatory response in obesity


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