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Bone and Soft Tissue Pathology

SEF and Osteoblastoma

We provide advanced and specialized services for pathology cases involving bone and soft tissue. 

Hours:  Specimens are accepted during our regular business hours.

Reports:  Final result reports may be faxed or provided electronically.

Requisition:  Anatomic Pathology Requisition Form

Send a Case:  Please provide us with your complete or incomplete pathology report, H&E glass slides, pertinent special or IHC stains, selected paraffin blocks, and radiology (for bone cases).

Specimen Preparation and Packaging Instructions

UIDL Client Services:
Toll-free: 866-844-2522
Local: 319-384-7212
Client Services Fax: 319-384-7213
Billing Fax: 319-356-0729

Munir Tanas, MD
Munir R. Tanas, MD
Associate Professor, Anatomic Pathology
Office: 1023 Medical Laboratories
Phone: 319-335-6637
Email: munir-tanas@uiowa.edu

Jonathan Davick
Jonathan Davick, MD
Office: 5244-C Roy Carver Pavilion
Phone: 319-478-7048
Email: jonathan-davick@uiowa.edu