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Cytopathology is a multifaceted laboratory performing service, education and scholarly work. The service area of the laboratory is responsible for preparation, staining and microscopic examination of patient samples. The cytologic samples may be used for screening (cervical-vaginal), a diagnosis (FNA), or (when a cytology is performed in conjunction with a surgical procedure) improving the overall diagnostic accuracy (brushes, washes).

Cytology also has a pathologist-based Fine Needle Aspiration Biopsy (FNAB) service located in the Clinical Cancer Center for palpable masses. The pathologists also travel to other clinic areas for FNA of non-palpable thoracic, abdominal and soft tissue masses.

Hours:  Specimens are accepted during our regular business hours.

Reports: Final result reports may be faxed or provided electronically.

Specimen Preparation and Packaging Instructions

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Chris Jensen, MD
Director of Cytopathology
Office: 5238-B Roy Carver Pavilion
Phone: 319-356-3217
Email: chris-jensen@uiowa.edu

Laila Dahmoush, MBChB
Office: 5216D Roy Carver Pavilion
Phone: 319-356-4440
Email: laila-dahmoush@uiowa.edu

Amani Bashir, MBBS
Office: 5238-G Roy Carver Pavilion
Phone: 319-467-5706
Email: amani-bashir@uiowa.edu

Marina Ivanovic, MD, FIAC
Office: 5243 Roy Carver Pavilion
Phone: 319-353-6861
Email: marina-ivanovic@uiowa.edu

Robert A. Robinson, MD, PhD
Office: 5238-H Roy Carver Pavilion
Phone: 319-356-4163
Email: robert-a-robinson@uiowa.edu

Megan I. Samuelson, MD
Office: 5244B Roy Carver Pavilion
Phone: 319-353-6796
Email: megan-samuelson@uiowa.edu