We provide comprehensive diagnostic expertise and services for pathology cases involving the central and peripheral nervous systems that include neoplastic and non-neoplastic disorders as well as neurodegenerative disease. Final reports are faxed and final copies are mailed. Written reports indicate patient information, accession number, slide/blocks examined, stains performed and interpretation.  Please feel free to contact us directly to discuss a case. For consultation on muscle and nerve biopsies see the Muscular Dystrophy/Muscle Biopsy site.

Hours: Specimens are accepted during our regular business hours.

Reports: Final result reports may be faxed or provided electronically.

Requisition for Neurosurgical Consultations: Anatomic Pathology Requisition

How to Send a Muscle Biopsy

How to Send a Nerve Biopsy

General Recommendations when Sending a Case:    Please provide us with your complete or incomplete pathology report (including gross description), H&E glass slides, and pertinent special or IHC stains.  The clinical diagnosis and radiographic appearance greatly aid in interpreting CNS disease. Please provide the pre-operative imaging report or CD with images with the case.  If possible, historical and laboratory information would be greatly appreciated and may enhance the consultative opinion.

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Steve Moore, MD
Steven A. Moore, MD
Director of Neuropathology
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Dr. Marco Hefti
Marco Hefti, MD
Office: 1080-C Medical Laboratories
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