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Surgical Pathology

Department of Pathology Gross Room

The University of Iowa Department of Pathology provides a full range of Anatomic Pathology consultation services. We provide advanced technologies and professional expertise. Our faculty are available for consultation for all referred materials. Please refer to Clinical Consultants for details.

Final reports are faxed and final copies are mailed. Written reports indicate patient information, accession number, slide/blocks examined, stains performed and interpretation.

If this is a routine consultation, then the slides will be mailed back with the patient report. If the patient is going to be seen at University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics, then we will retain the slides/blocks until after the patient’s visit (usually 30 days). After that time, all slides and blocks will be returned.

If wet tissue is sent, original slides and tissue blocks are retained by University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics.

Hours:  Specimens are accepted during our regular business hours.

Reports: Final result reports maybe faxed or provided electronically.

Specimen Preparation and Packaging Instructions

UIDL Client Services:
Toll-free: 866-844-2522
Local: 319-384-7212
Client Services Fax: 319-384-7213
Billing Fax: 319-356-0729

Dr. Megan Samuelson
Megan Samuelson, MD
Director of Surgical Pathology
Office: 5244B Roy Carver Pavilion
Phone: 319-353-6796
Email: megan-samuelson@uiowa.edu