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We provide expert academic renal pathology consultations using state-of-the-art diagnostics on native and transplant kidney biopsies (adult and pediatric) to local, regional, and national clients.

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UI Human Genetics Partnership (MORL/IIHG)
Comprehensive testing for Thrombotic Microangiopathies
and Complement-Mediated Renal Diseases:

     Genetic Renal Panel
     Comprehensive Functional Testing
For details on how to order Genetic Renal Panel or
Complement Functional Testing visit the MORL website.

KidneySeqTMComprehensive testing, CAKUT, Ciliopathies/
     tubulointerstitial diseases, Disorders of tubular ion trans-
     port, Glomerulopathies, Nephrolithiasis/nephrocalcinosis
For details on how to order KidneySeq, visit the IIHG website.

Rapid, same-day service tailored to meet your practice needs:

Available Service Options
Option 1 - Light Microscopy, Immunofluorescence, and Electron Microscopy, with Pathologist Interpretation & Consultation
Option 2 - Immunofluorescence and Electron Microscopy with Pathologist Interpretation & Consultation (LM performed by client pathologist – training available)
Option 3 - Electron Microscopy Only with Pathologist Interpretation
Option 4 - Electron Microscopy Only – Technical Only

Renal Transplant Pancreas
Renal Biopsy Kit Order Form Transplant Pancreas Biopsy Kit Order Form
Renal Biopsy Specimen Preparation & Transport Instructions Transplant Pancreas Biopsy Kit Instructions
PDF icon Renal Pathology Requisition PDF icon Transplant Pancreas Pathology Requisition
PDF icon Renal Clinical History Form PDF icon Transplant Pancreas Biopsy Clinical History Form
PDF icon Electron Microscopy Requisition  

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Prerna Rastogi, MD, PhD
Director of Renal Pathology
Office: 5238-F Roy Carver Pavilion
Phone: 319-356-3781

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Abdullah Thayyil, MD
Office: 5239-D Roy Carver Pavilion
Phone: 319-353-7655

Amani Bashir, MBBS
Office: 5238-G Roy Carver Pavilion
Phone: 319-467-5706